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Dear Parents / Guardians,
Greetings, and may peace be upon you!

We kindly request your attention to the following guidelines, which are crucial for upholding discipline within the school. We sincerely expect your wholehearted cooperation in adhering to them.

1.     Punctuality: Timely arrival at school is imperative. Students must strictly follow the specified timings and report to school 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Failure to adhere to the schedule may result in students being denied entry to the class. Students arriving late may even be turned away at the school gate.
2.     Uniform and Appearance: Students are required to be in proper and clean uniforms, including well-polished shoes. Deviations from the prescribed attire are not permitted without prior school approval. Changes to the uniform, even for a single day, should only be made after obtaining official permission.
3.     Personal Grooming: Maintaining a proper haircut and ensuring clean, trimmed nails is essential for all students.
4.     Attendance: Regular attendance is paramount. A minimum attendance of 80% is mandatory. However, students should maintain a healthy 90% attendance for an academic year. In case of absences exceeding 3 days, students should present a written letter and a Medical Certificate upon their return to school.
5.     Homework and Study: Parents/Guardians, particularly for students in Class III and above, are responsible for ensuring regular completion of homework. The School App's Diary section should be monitored daily for lesson updates and homework assignments.
6.     Textbooks and Materials: Parents/Guardians are accountable for ensuring students carry the necessary books and notebooks according to their daily timetable. Students will not be allowed to attend classes without the required materials. Your support in this matter also aids in managing the weight of their school bags.
7.     Language of Communication: English is the primary language of instruction and communication within the school. Students are expected to converse in English while on the school premises, except during vernacular language classes. Strict action will be taken against students found violating this rule.
8.     Home Environment: Creating a healthy and nurturing home environment is advised to foster the child's growth and development. We urge parents to follow these guidelines to ensure continuity between home and school.
9.     Attire and Possessions: Students are prohibited from wearing any ornaments or bringing mobile phones and electronic devices to school. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their children do not carry such items.
10.     School App Communication: The School App serves as the primary channel for both academic and non-academic communication. Parents are required to stay updated by following the app for all notifications and information.

In conclusion, maintaining "Discipline," a fundamental pillar of a child's education, is a shared responsibility between the school and parents. Only through this joint effort can education truly enrich a child's life. Thank you for your cooperation.

Abdul Basit Ismail 


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